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You will find following pictures of some purchases I got while in Melbourne. I love new things and I cannot wait to display or use what I bought!! ^Firstly, eventhough the Babushka shop I found in a little arcade was way expensive, I did manage to purchase a cheaper set of Russian-like dolls. I love these and can't wait to set them up in little Sprout's room when I get it painted.
^I've seen many a pattern using ric-rac and I always love the look of this being used in crafty creations. So I have started my ric-rac stash with my favourite coloured thick ric-rac!

^I couldn't go past this pattern without buying it. The shop actually had two on display there at the Craft & Quilt Fair and they looked absolutely gorgeous. I want to make one for little Sprout's room (I am starting to sound just a little over-ambitious about my daughter's room don't ya think? Oh well, that's just me!)

^I went to a workshop that was run by Kez from Giggle Buttons and she demonstrated and explained how to use iron-on transferable patterns. And just for attending, we each got a pre-printed pattern. I immediately went to the Giggle Buttons stall afterwards and bought the buttons that go with this stitchery. I hope to get this done AFTER completing all my other WIP's (Works in Progress).

Kez also demonstrated and endorsed these pencils for colouring your stitchery fabric. They were very nifty and I just HAD to grab them aswell!!!
I am very excited about my purchases and am looking forward to actually using them and completing some of the projects I just wanna do. I am trying to pace myself though and stick to the few things I have on the go at the moment. I hope to show you the completed works I have been doing over the last month or longer very soon! So keep coming back!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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