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Apart from catching up with my family - the Australian Craft & Quilt Fair was one of the main reasons why we arranged to go to Melbourne at this time. I have been to the Melbourne fair before a few years ago with Mum and one of my sisters and it was great. It was just as fun this year.
I'll show you why... ^This is the entrance and before the 'gates' open of a morning, they do a little dance which they get people from the line-up to join in. And guess who was one of the people who got picked on the first morning? Of course, it was me - who else? But it didn't go unrewarded...
^I got this little package from BLUE WILLOW COTTAGE who were celebrating their 10th birthday for their business.

^This is what was in it. A whole lot of little goodies that I was very pleased to receive. Well worth the dance I'd say!!

^The first craft circle I did was about crochet flowers. Above is a photo of one of the flowers I learnt to crochet. The other one was abit harder to do but even prettier - I do have a photo of this one but every photo I took was blurry so I'm not even gonna bother posting it. Just believe when I say that it was gorgeous and that I will be making another attempt at making one!!

^Another craft circle I attended, was to make this groovy little Japanese Lucky Owl, run by Jane MacDonald from BE BE BOLD, which was absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to make some more. I would like to make some of these in purple and teal colours to put on display in my little Sprout's room eventually. I think they are so cute. They can be purchased as a kit with 3 different sizes in it too.
I just love learning new things and looking at all the different stalls and seeing what they have to offer as well as getting a load of creative inspiration while you're at it.
Can you see why it's so much fun!!
I'll be back abit later with some more of my favourite craft projects I did...
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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