A Few Holiday Snapshots...

5:00 PM

Every city has different sights/objects/architecture/activities that is unique to them.
Whilst in Melbourne I was exposed to a few of this cities sights to see. Here are a few snapshots to start my holiday pics off... I was walking back to our apartment across the riverfront of the casino and you will find some of these funny looking colourful sculpture thingys. It's interesting so I took a photo.
One of my favourite shots before walking across the bridge. And to think this is only taken on my mobile phone which isn't an iPhone, just an ordinary 3G LG phone. It takes some good shots though sometimes!

This was a view out of the lounge room window of our apartment that I woke up to one morning (I was sleeping on the fold-out couch). A pair of hot air balloons. What a glorious sight to behold!
On our last day, we went and had coffee at Starbucks. I had never been to Starbucks before - I always go to Gloria Jeans. I must say that this made up for not having Gloria Jeans on our holiday at all.
I had a hot chocolate which was very delightful.
More photos and holiday jottings to come. Haven't got to all the craft goodies yet!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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