Her New Blue Shiny Boots...

5:58 PM

I know, I know. I did say that I was going to post some crafty pictures from my holiday but I haven't properly unpacked yet so the 'projects' have not all been found so I can photograph them all to show you. They are coming though - I promise! Life after a holiday is quite constant, it's quite bamboozling!
However, here are a few cool things I'd like to share with you... Today, I went into town (by myself, I might add - little Sprout went with her Daddy in the tractor for the morning). I have been wanting to get some gumboots for our little girl for a while now cos she loves jumping in puddles and getting all wet. They'd also be handy for out on the farm.
Well...today I went to a shop I haven't been to before but wanted to check out and low-and-behold - there was a box with kids gumboots for sale outside the door. I grabbed a pair, paid for them (along with a few other items) and bought them home. She found them in our shoe box at the door, where I'd left them, after her nap and has worn them on and off the rest of the afternoon.
In the mail today, I received this postcard from AUSTRALIA - lol. It was from some very good friends from back in Tassie who are on holiday at the moment in Queensland. My first postcard for my collection from my own country. How cool is that?!

Another exciting item in my mailbox was a letter from my new penpal in Moscow, Russia. It was full of pictures of where she lives and landmarks around that area and also of her and her little girl. I am so pleased to be corresponding with someone from another country - thanks to Postcrossing. It's my turn to write so I am going to find some really nice stationery and get writing!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Hi there :) thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comments :) We used to love playing with the fountain in Cat and Fiddle and it was a sad day when they removed it.


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