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I absolutely love going to craft fairs and markets. It doesn't happen as often as I like but when it does I get extremely excited.
Let me show you my two favourite craft projects I did at the Craft & Quilt Fair... Because I have been fairly focused on crochet lately I attended a couple of the craft circles that involved this. I have only just learnt to crochet about 4 months ago so it is relatively new. I had been told by many that crochet is very easy - even easier than knitting. Now, I knit quite abit and when looking at crochet, to me it looked hard. But one night, I decided to 'bite the bit' and do it. So...I pulled up a You Tube tutorial on the computer, sat there with my ball of wool and hook and learnt how to crochet a granny square. It was the most exciting feeling as I grasped the skill and actually saw it take place in my hands. There were a few initial attempts which were botch-ups but I did get it in the end and I felt SO proud of myself. Since then, I had been pumping out a whole heap of granny squares which I will use for a rug for my little Sprout!

At the fair, I decided to be brave and try a different kind of crochet. It was called Tunisian Crochet and the craft circle was for making a purse using this method. I really like it and it is actually quite easy. It uses a longer hook as you actually add stitches onto the needle/hook.

Here is what it looks like close up. There is some embellishments that you can do along the edge of the front flap of the purse but I don't know if I can handle those yet. The purse without the embellishments will look just fine once I finish it. I like it alot!

Another recent interest of mine has been about anything vintage. I am really into big flower brooches, frills and ruffles that can be added to your clothing that just makes an outfit look that much more spectacular. But it doesn't just stop there!
A woman named Gabriella Kerkez from Miss Rose, Sister Violet opened my eyes to lots of frilly, lacy and flowery ways to decorate different objects in a vintage way!! She came up with such awesome ideas and just fed my creative spirit!!
She took me aside one-on-one and she showed me how to make the lovely brooch which is pictured. Of course, it could also be made into a headpiece as well.
And pretty much everything she does is just stuck together using a hot glue gun. No sewing required if you do it the Gabriella Kerkez way. I liked that about her, she was so free and easygoing about her creating yet filled with such passion for beauty. And believe me, what she made was truly beautiful. It was totally inspiring.
You can read her blog HERE. It is not fully developed yet but will be soon so keep visiting!
I am totally smitten with my lacy diamante flower brooch!!
I do have some more Melbourne trip goodness to share but that will have to wait for tomorrow.
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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