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Hello there!
Get ready for some...

1. Here are 13 ways to wear white sneakers - just for informational purposes in case you may need some fashion inspiration one day ;-)

2. How to talk to absolutely anyone! I get faced with this dilemna quite abit these days as interaction with others is very important in the activities I am involved in. I can be seen as quite the outgoing kinda person BUT I find it difficult to strike up conversation with just anyone. It's frustrating and quite an uncomfortable feeling to have, not knowing what to say and such. Really enjoyed this article.

3. How to make a difference when you don't have a fortune -- I have asked myself this question before and usually give of my time where I can to help others and get involved in organisations/movements that make a difference. This article was great to read and I'm keen to look up more on that AlHusseini character!

4. Using the example of a garden here is how to cultivate inner beauty in a season of monotony.

5. How To Survive When You Have Overdone It ... a little more of an easier list to achieve than the usual work/life balance tips you get. Number 3 is a biggy for me - my to-do lists are always way too long and grandiose cos I try to do EVERYTHING in one day. Learning to give myself more time and cut myself some slack. 

Enjoy your weekend.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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