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We are up to Day Twelve of the Blogtember Challenge - brought to us by Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.

Today's prompt is:
Three books! One you just read, one you're currently reading, and one you want to read.


I honestly could NOT put this book down. It has you captured right from the beginning all the way through and there is so many emotions involved. It is a book that makes your heart soar and break all at the same time. I couldn't shake the effects of this book for days after finishing it.
I've also watched the movie and thought it was quite true to the book and just as emotional and heart wrenching.
Well worth reading/watching.

CURRENTLY READING: Daring & Disruptive // Loving // Secret Keeping for Beginners

It has been quite a habit since I started to read as a youngin'...I can't stick to reading just one book at a time. So I am currently reading three. And they are all so very different. 

I have all of Lisa Messenger's books sitting on my shelf waiting to be read and I thought it was about time I got one started. I enjoy the message Lisa Messenger puts out to all of us. I am a subscriber to the magazine she started a few years back now, The Collective and I always feel so pumped after reading it. Her books are like that too.

Loving...the last book in this series. I adore Karen Kingsbury novels. I like that she addresses so many issues and takes you on so many varied journeys in her novels. I love that I can just escape into another world and live the life of the characters. Karen makes it so easy to do that!

I picked up 'Secret Keeping for Beginners' at a newsagent in the airport, simply because I wanted something different to read on the plane and I've read books by Maggie Alderson before and I liked them. 

TO BE READ: Daring Greatly

I've also got a few books by Brene Brown on my bookshelf too. I totally dig the work of this woman. I have watched a couple of her TED talks and various other interviews and I always come away inspired, challenged and enlightened.

So...what's on your reading list? Reading anything interesting lately?

I don't get to read as much as I would like! But I would like that to change, as I sooooo enjoy getting lost in a good book. Don't you?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. I really liked Brene Brown's The Gifts of Imperfection and am hoping to read Daring Greatly this year.


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