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Welcome to Day 11 of the Blogtember Challenge, brought to you by Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.

Today's prompt is:
Round up of your favourite Instagrammers! Who should we follow?

1. @emily_jeffords - I just adore her art and the way she styles her photoshoots.

2. @charliesdesserthouse - the baked goods on the menu for this up and coming dessert house back in my home state of Tassie, look divine! Just looking at the photos will make you salivate!

3. @ettieink - If you're Australian and watched the last series of House Rules, you will remember the Adelaide couple, Brooke and Michelle. Well, Michelle is a graphic designer and creates art works that I really love. The pear she did for her living area makeover on the show was AWESOME! Anyway, this is her designing Instagram account. I aim to purchase one of her pieces one day!

4. @theeverygirl_ - eye-catching captures that just take me right into the moment.

5. - Suse is a fellow Jot Girl but I was admiring her feed long before that happened. So clean and fresh and creative - I just can't help myself but feel inspired!

6. @ravishingcollective - meaningful quotes and pep-talks that liven up the day.

7. @soulscripts - by Jordan Lee. I love this girls posts..her insights, her transparency, and her quirkiness in how she presents them. I totally get her and applaud her in the way she encourages all of us, especially women.


8. @jotmagazine - even if I wasn't on the creative team, this would be a go-to creative account I would frequent!  Full of fun, inspiring, and beautiful creative goodness that just makes you wanna get making!

Hope you enjoy my list of Instagrammers - I have so many I like but could only pick a few for this post but I hopefully you find something you like in all of them.
What about you? 
Any Instagram accounts I should be following?

Oh! And of course you can find me on Instagram as @annamayde

Until next time, take care and keep smiling.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. So many amazing people to follow! Thank you for sharing their links. Off to explore their pages now!

    the Noveltea Corner


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