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7:00 AM

Hello lovely ones!
How's life treating you?
Are you all organised for Christmas, getting there, or completely unprepared right now?
Well, whichever you are, take a few minutes to relax and check out these...

1. What parenting really looks like! Does life look a little like any of these at your place? Or once upon a time? My personal favourite would have to be the one where the kid thought that BookABoo needed a vegemite cracker rather than a book ;-) hehe
2. THIS! I don't know how many times I've just gone 'Pfft' when my husband tells me that I am beautiful to him like he's just making things up - but, in essence, my man REALLY is into me! This article just reminded me that I should always believe that I am beautiful just the way I am - just ask my man!

3. December Daily - Ali Edwards (the pioneer of this movement) style! Love reading her daily stories and page creations each day as she goes through December. 
I haven't even started mine yet...we don't even have the Christmas tree up yet! That's how CRAY CRAY things are around here lately!
I like Ali's idea of writing a certain number of things you are looking forward to - will keep that in mind :-)

4. Make your own perfume! Great for a gift idea too :-)

5. These are a bit cute.

Enjoy your weekend!
Take care.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Oh! P.S. Just a heads up the cut-offs for any Nutrimetics orders to be received by you for Christmas need to be in by DECEMBER 15th which is on Monday - so if you would like to get those last minute gifts or stocking fillers etc head over to my website and browse the catalogues and purchase through there OR you could note the product codes and send me an email (listed on website) also including postal address and payment details. Some great products and super awesome deals on super awesome products right now so Happy Shopping! :-)

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