July Journalling Challenge...

11:18 AM

I am joining in with the July Journalling Challenge created by the sweet and ultra talented Emily Wind of the blog, Emily Jane.
July journaling challenge prompts
I thought this would be a great opportunity to get something documented about me and what I am all about.
So here is my day 1 pages 'All About Me'...

I am using things that I have on hand in my craft stash - fabric, washi tape, doily offcuts, ribbon, paper embellishments. I also made some of my own embellishments - see the wooden arrows painted with red and aqua - I made those! I typed some words onto an A4 Word document, printed it out and cut the words out individually. And, as you can see, I arranged them  all differently in each section I wrote about me. The titles I used were: 'I AM A', 'I AM', and 'I LOVE TO'.
I will eventually pop it all together using the front and back covers of a book but for now I am just focusing on the individual pages and will bind it all together at the end.
It's very satisfying completing these pages. I am really enjoying it.
Feel free to join in. You can find the details HERE.
See ya again soon.
Have more things to share :-)
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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