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1:53 PM

With a little over 10 weeks until Christmas (Oh my gosh), I thought I'd better get into making some decorations for the tree (which we still need to buy).
I have made these before and used as decorations last year for Christmas but they are packed up in a container back in Tasmania so I have to start again and make some more! You can't have enough of these gorgeous looking baubles anyway!^The supplies : sequins, beads, styrofoam balls and bead/sequin pins.
^The start of the first bauble (sorry about the blurriness - I so need a new camera. A digital SLR would be great!)
Basically, you just place a sequin on the ball, get a pin with a bead on it and stick it into the ball through the hole in the middle of the sequin. Keep going like this layering the sequins as you go until it is all covered. You can make them with ribbon loops too so you can hang them.

^Here it is completed.
Last year I made some with loops and some without. I used the loopless ones to fill a circular vase with a groovy looking twig branch secured in there. I hung the loopy ones on the branch! The baubles were the feature which is what they deserve! It looked very effective. Just another idea.
Well, better get some other things done while Little Sprout is napping.
Be back soon.
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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