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I did mention in a previous post that I would give you a quick run through how to make these really groovy rugs. It really is not hard and will only take three easy steps to complete.
1. You need 2 bits of fleecy fabric (polar fleece, coral fleece - whatever), obviously cut to the same size. [As a general rule to get an even sided square you get the length cut to whatever the width of the fleece is.] You can make it bigger and smaller if you so desire. I have seen a really cute one of these made for a baby pram/capsule and you could even make it a rectangle size. Whatever you want - go for it!
2. Lay out the two matching/co-ordinating pieces of fleece on the surface you are using (I use a good space on the floor) - wrong sides together. Make sure it is laid out nice and flat with no ripples or anything so it doesn't pucker or bubble out in a weird angle when completed!
Cut strips right around the edge about 15cm long and 3cm wide.
3. Start wherever you like and double-knot each top and bottom strip together all the way around.
And there you have a really snazzy looking rug. They are really warm for the colder weather and great for a picnic rug in the warmer months. They are also an easy-peasy, quick gift that doesn't cost heaps either. And it's useful (says me who is predominantly a practical gift giver - I love knowing that people get a gift they benefit from in a useful way! I guess I like gifts that I receive to be something I can use as well - never really thought about that, ha!).
Anyway get some fleecy fabric and go wild!
I will be back soon with some Christmas stuff I'm doing at the moment!
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