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Hello there! 
It's time I posted another batch of Linky Loves for you.
As mentioned earlier in the year, these posts were something I wanted to continue but probably wouldn't happen every week as I had been doing's been working well for me to do them every week about or so, hope it's been good for you too. goes...

1. Self care - it's not actually a selfish thing. Check this article out.

2. Eight excuses you keep putting in between you and your dreams...we're pretty darn good at making them aren't we!?!

3. Here's how to make peace with other's false perception of you.

Just because someone doesn’t particularly like you on a personal level doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person. "

4. Feeling unloved? Unimportant? Insecure?
HERE are 27 beautiful Bible verses for women who need love, reassurance, and strength!

5. Found THIS article on FB about 31 things your kids should be doing instead of homework between after school and bedtime hours. It has become apparent that homework for younger aged children is not entirely beneficial. Thankfully, my kids just have reading which is something I would encourage anyway so we're all good there. 

Well that's it for this week.
Take care, see you next time!

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