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11:01 PM

Welcome to the LAST Linky Loves post for 2015!
I will continue this regular blog post throughout the new year however I may change it's frequency...I'll think about it and see what I decide over the next week :-)
I am a day late in posting this due to Friday being Christmas and somehow being otherwise engaged ;-) hehe
Anyway, let's get into some...

1. How to create soft hair waves with just a hairdryer.

2. Here are EIGHT STEPS to cleaning up after Christmas!

3. The battle between conformity and living 'outside the box' is forever strong in my life. The pull towards whatever the world is peddling is always strong but rarely satisfies like it promises -- this article was definitely speaking out what my hearts knows and wants but my head finds difficult to follow sometimes!!

4. Oh my goodness, these cards by Natalie are totally gorgeous!

5. Hello 4 ingredient maple peanut butter fudge! Sounds delish!

Well I hope you have enjoyed my regular Linky Loves posts...and continue to enjoy them as I share the love from around the world wide web in 2016!

Stay safe and hug your loved ones tight!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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