Quick Christmas Card Idea...

9:47 PM

Just thought I would buzz in quickly and show you an easy and simple Christmas card idea.
If you want the handmade card look and need it NOW then this only takes like 30 seconds to whip up!

All you need is:
-Kraft cardstock
-washi tape
-a button
-journalling pen

I cut a 12x12" piece of Kraft card down the middle to make two 6x12" pieces. 
I then scored at the half way mark on those pieces and folded to make a 6x6" card. 
Choose whether you want it to open sideways or flip up. I chose the latter for mine.
Using different lengths of washi tape, form a Christmas tree shape on the front of your card and then use another piece of washi as the stump.
Stick a button on the top of the tree.
I then used my journal pen to create a border and insert the words 'happy Christmas' into it as a greeting!

Too easy!

I used these three pictured cards to go with Miss J's teachers gifts.
For interest's sake, here are the gifts I put together for the teacher and teacher's aides.

We gave the teacher's aides a Christmasy mug each filled with Favourites chocolates!
For the teacher, I filled a DIY glass bauble (purchased from Lincraft last year - thanks to Deb!!) with paper confetti, sequins, and punched vellum stars. I attached a small tag around the top with 'Kindy 2013' on one side and my girls name on the back. I used a piece of ric-rac as the hanging ribbon - popped it in a small bowl with some shredded packaging paper. I used clear cellophane tied up with some string to wrap the gifts.

The teachers loved it all!!

On a side note - I must say it was much more emotional at this end of the year in seeing my girl FINISH Kindy than at the start when she began her year at Kindy. She was ready for school and we were ready to send her so it was rather exciting and there was no tears. But yesterday, seeing all the kids with their end-of-year packages and empty classroom, made the tears well up just a little bit! LOL!

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying this festive season. Are you all prepared and ready for the big day?
I have found that initially I had planned well and was on target but with sickness and a few days of extremely sweltering weather, I have become a tad behind in my to-dos :-/
But I will prevail. I hope to have some more of my December Daily album done soon to share.

Take care. Remember to breathe. Deeply.
Relax and enjoy yourself.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. I absolutely LOVE your Christmas cards Anna, so lovely!! xx

    1. Thanks so much Mel! I'm all for quick little projects ;-)

  2. I love the Christmas card. Simple but elegant. Wow.


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