December Daily - days 6-9 AND a little message...

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Well it's New Years EVE and I managed to get 4 days done in my December Daily album.
I have been plugging away with a couple of other creative deadlines therefore my DD has been sitting there patiently waiting for me to return and complete it.
I'm hoping that I will get it done over the next week.
Anyway, here I am to share days six to nine of our December...


I used one of the page inserts of the album for this day. I didn't have a particular story to tell on this day so I chose to write a list of things that I want my kids to learn and grow up knowing about Christmas and just life really. 
Creatively, I decided to go with a folder type thingy on the page. I cut a piece of 12x12" card at the 6 and 1/4" mark. I then scored this piece at the 4 and 1/4" mark and then another score line halfway between that line and the other end of the card. I then cut halfway down the right-hand side score line and cut a diagonal line down to the half way mark of the 'still attached' piece. Folding it in and stapling along the bottom, created the pocket for my little cards which held all the little 'pearls of wisdom' for my kids (and they are good for us adults to remember too!!)
The cover photo for the folder was a piccy from my camera roll on my iphone and I selected it within an app called Phonto and wrote the wording over the image.
Oh! And a few little Heidi Swapp goodies popped on this page too ;-)

Here is some examples of the cards inside...

(excuse the lack of quality - it was taken at night!)
I just kept it simple, using some 3x4 Project Life grid cards and stamping on the numbers, writing the words with black pen and creating a border by roughly outlining the card with a gold gel pen.

Over the page, I had just included a photo of my girls playing and the 'choose joy' print-off I had created using the Rhonna Designs app on my phone.
I also used a 6x4" Project Life grid card to pop a photo in of my Kindy girl with the reindeer mask she had created herself in her last Friday class with Mrs Simson.


I used the other side of the grid card to decorate and pop on the number seven using the Thickers from the Documenting December kit from Polka Dot Creative.
Just a couple of photos of some highlights from that day - pancakes for brekkie (always a hit) and playing with some baby Aussie Cards. Miss J loves collecting these! So glad they came out around Christmas time - it became a nice little December activity. And we have the full set of the red cards now - just in case you were wondering ;-)

(Please excuse the blurriness in some of these photos - they were taken in a bit of a hurry to catch the last dregs of the days light and to get out the door and catch the shops before they shut!!)

Day 8 was my mother in laws birthday. I have included a blown up screen shot of the text message I sent her to wish her Happy Birthday. See - December is not ALL about Christmas! LOL ;-)
I popped a button on the pocket in the left-hand corner of the page and stuck the 8 on it. Using the Thickers again from the kit, I spelt the word YoYo's on the photo of those scrumptious little bikkies that Mr Awesome makes! Some may call them Melting Moments - like me ;-)
I cut down another insert page that comes with the album and stuck a 6x6" photo I had edited on my iphone - again through the Rhonna Designs app (I really do LOVE that app). Mr Awesome had our big square mantle-piece mirror on the floor cleaning it and the kids had gathered around to watch. Me? I thought it was an awesome photo opportunity of course and snapped away ;-)

DAY 9 

Flipping over the 6x6" insert, I stuck in a photo of our dinner that night - PICNIC STYLE in front of the TV watching Kung Fu Panda! The girls love spreading out the blanket on the floor and having a picnic so I let them have what they requested this night :-)
The background was ripped up tissue paper from a gift I mention on the next page from Kate Mason of Messy Miss Kate
The gift was an awesomely handmade cushion from Kate. Made from vintage fabrics/sheets and doily and the word LOVE messily stitched on there in TRUE BRILLIANT Kate Mason style!! I ADORE IT!!
I used the pocket page with the two 4x4" squares and popped some red and green paint swatches from Bunnings in as the background cards.
In the 2x8" strip I cut a piece of white card and again glued on some more of the polka dot tissue paper from Kate's gift. I then cut a length of rustic twine and created the word 'love' along the strip stapling madly with my Tiny Attacher as I went along. I think it's one of my favourite bits of my album now :-)

And that is it for now. 
I will try and be back with more as I finish it - bare with me as I would like to have it recorded here on my little bloggy. I hope to not go too much into January with something Christmasy ;-/ Afterall - I've got lots of other things to get under way for the new year. 


Which brings me to the close of 2013 and my looking forward to what 2014 will bring. 
In my creative world, I am going to keep a few albums - a random one about me (more on that at a later date!), my 2014 Project Life album about my family's adventures throughout the year, and I will be putting together a Project Life / pocket style wedding album for my little sister who is marrying her 'darling' (as Miss J puts it) in February. Yay!
I am continuing on with Jot throughout 2014 which I am incredibly thankful and excited about! It's been such a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to more great things and fun times creating there again!
I am doing the One Little Word workshop by Ali Edwards again this year. You probably weren't aware that I did it this year cos I kinda kept it quiet really. Not intentionally. It just ended up being something I did for me on the side, in my own little personal world. I didn't finish the album in the full sense that Ali did but it's all in a folder where I used the reflective prompts to really connect with my word. It was a great experience. This coming year, I hope to actively get stuck into creating the album and creatively connecting with my word. I'm excited!
My word for 2014 is GROW! Earlier this month, a call for a creative team over on Polka Dot Creative came up. I had been following Jodie and her little business since I saw her advertise in Jot - issue 1.
With my word in mind, I decided to apply. 
And I was accepted! See the announcement over on the PDC blog HERE!
I am soo incredibly honoured and thrilled to be a part of this team. Can't wait to get started!

There is also many decisions to be made and many changes that are looking to be made in this New Year within our little family. I can't share too much yet as it's not set in stone. The beginning of 2014 is starting to look rather interesting I'll say that though ;-) But I am looking forward to it and eager to take part in life and make it One Big Sunshine Spritzer!!

Thank you for stopping by here and sharing in my life.
I hope you keep coming back in 2014.
Be happy.
Be safe.
Smile big!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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