December Daily - Days 4 & 5...

9:41 PM

Well, I am slowly plodding away at my album.
Tonight I would like to show you my days 4 & 5.

Day 4 was the day I wrapped up some goodies for a special friend. I have a lovely group of online friends and most every Christmas (and other chosen times of the year we so desire!) we do a gift swap. This year I organised the gift swapping. I had the lovely Janelle to send a gift too.
I made her a set of four crocheted coasters in some of her fave colours - grey and yellow. I also made her a Christmas hanging decoration which was a heart shaped cookie cutter wrapped in ribbon. So simple to make and cute to hang - I will admit I made a couple for our home here as well ;-)
The other little package was some items I had purchased for Janelle - a floating tea infuser, a cloud sticky note pad, and some cute little polaroid prints from Typo of pretty teacups, teapots etc.

This page was pretty much photos. But for the decorative elements, I used a couple of 3x4 cards to journal on. I punched out a circle from thin cork, wrapped it with some thread and stuck on a number 4 using the gold thickers from the DD kit from Polka Dot Creative. I wrote my journalling on a piece of vellum which I then stuck onto the card with washi tape - also from the kit.
The other journal card on the other page featured a number list so I decided to write the gift items that I had put together for Janelle on it.

I also created another insert to slot in for day 4 as I had a special story I wanted to include for that day. Something that meant a lot to me.

I used a piece of 6x6" patterned paper from the paper pad in the kit. I didn't rip the top section of paper off as I wanted to keep this for the binder holes. I also cut a piece of 'Believe' Christmas Heidi Swapp paper I had spare from making the star insert back on Day 3. This measured 6x4". 
I attached the 6x6 photo (yes it is of vegetables and eggs - there is a story to this!!) to the un-patterned side of 6x6" paper. I used washi tape down the binder side of the photo.
The 6x4" card I scored down the edge a width of 1/2 inch. I stapled this to the binder edge, covering the main part of the photo.
I then added a title to the front and the journalling to the inside.
On the patterned back, I used the gold Thickers from the kit to write 'grateful' and attached a black chalkboard-like sticker using a white gel pen for the rest of the writing. A few other embellishments added from the kit and I popped it in my album.

 And that was Day Four DONE!!

Day 5 was short and sweet. It involved receiving a Christmas card from our Poppa (on my husbands side). I was touched to get a card from him with an envelope for each of my girls containing some money. Considering he had just laid his wife (our Nan) to rest, a couple of months ago, I thought it was mighty thoughtful and generous of him to sit down and send out a bit of love to his family. I guess it would make him feel more connected in a way. Well, it meant a great deal to me.
The other exciting thing was winning a cute little handmade house from @leoniekiwi on Instagram! 
Gotta love THAT!!

The decorative elements to the page involved using the number 5 as a topper for the tree. The photo of Pop's card - I attached a piece of vellum to the card with washi tape and wrote my journalling on it - when placing in the pocket, the vellum part stays out and lays on top of the pocket - like so...

On the other journal card I used one of the stamps from the stamp set in the kit by Kellie Stamps and I just drew a decorative border.

And that concludes day 4 & 5.
I am really loving putting this album together. I enjoy thinking up different creative ways to show my stories.
I'm really happy with what I have documented so far. It is going to be a great little keepsake!!

Well, until next time...
Take care.
I'm off to watch Love Actually on telly - SOOOO love that movie!!!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. I've got vellum paper. Wow, I'm going to try this. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. No worries Lucy! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my album. It's such a fun little journey that makes December all the more exciting!


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