First Tote...

9:09 PM

I had an idea in my head of how to make a tote bag and I wanted to make one for Hubby's sister-in-law for Christmas. I chose this lovely lime green and pink printed fabric out of a scrap stash that I got sent to me with some other online fabric purchases yonky donks ago. I just bought some lime green fabric for lining and the inside pocket and handles.
I was pretty sure I had it all nutted out in my head but after mentioning it to my mother when she was over, we sat down and worked out the easiest, effective way to create this cool little bag! Coulda got a pattern I suppose but where is the fun in that!!!
I did use some thin wadding but next time I make one I am gonna leave that out and just have it a floppy fabric tote bag. But it makes it sit up nicely, hey?!!
Before attaching the lining to the main fabric I sewed on a pocket to the right side of the lining. I find that any tote needs an inner pocket to keep the phone/keys in so they don't get lost amongst the contents of the bag and so they are easily accessible!!
I was very proud of my first attempt at making a tote bag. I have plans to make many more. Two lots of fabric have already been selected for two more totes so far and are just awaiting for their creator - MWAH - to sew them up!!
I'll get there!
Until next time -
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. I love it! the design is great and the fabric is very pretty.


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