A Dress for Sprout...

4:45 PM

As promised, the first of some things I have made lately.
Well, this project actually started at the beginning of 2010. I have always wanted to get into making our own clothes - well at least for my kids. So this was the first of my garment sewing endeavours.
It began as a birthday dress for little Sprout but ended up being her Christmas dress because I didn't get it done in time for her 2nd birthday last year.^Here is the finished product. I did most of it myself but when my mother came over to visit in November I did nab her to help me with the attachment of the skirt to the bodice (as I was a little bewildered with gathering for the first time and wanted some guidance), and she also did the buttons for me (I will master it next time!!).
^Back view
^Pretty little ribbon trim that I sewed on by hand. Was quite an intricate task but well worth it I think!!! Just gives it that extra bit of dazzle, don't ya think?
I will be back with more at a later date so stay tuned!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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