JOT MAGAZINE - Issue 13...

12:18 PM

It's always super exciting when a new issue of Jot Magazine hits the online magazine stands!
Issue 13 has just released and, as always, it's a doozy!
Seriously, it's the ultimate inspiration destination!

The Gallery Themes for this month were:
>> Best Friend
>> Mum/Mom
>> Numbers
>> Chipboard
I contributed to the top three categories for this issue.

Amongst the pages, you will also read of different business owners in the creative industry, view shopping pages - click to shop, and the regular Jot Spotting feature plus much more goodness that will feed your creative streak!
There was also a feature on PLANNERS which I contributed to also. 
I am currently writing up a blog post with a more deeper look into the planner and what/how I am using mine.
Stay tuned...

But for now, you can flick through the gorgeous pages of Jot Magazine attached below here in this post.
Inspiration awaits...

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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