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Reading this, I realised that I actually do this...just not in such an organised way as Nicole does. I have little piles of photos and product ready to create pages with. It's just amongst all the chaos and I need the time to, first, TIDY - then CREATE!

2. Here are 51 things you can do that will bless your kids :-)

3. I love Pentatonix - this interview was pretty cool that they did. I had been wondering about whether they would ever write their own material...I mean - I LOVE the covers that they do but I'm excited to hear their own songs!

4. I liked this article and how each point was are 10 ways to de-stress your days :-)

5. Love this interview of Drew Barrymore with Garance Dore!
I adore Drew!

And that's it for another week!
Enjoy your weekend :-)

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