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7:00 AM

Hello friends - how has your week been?
Well, however it has been I hope you enjoy this weeks list of...

1. Just the title of this article got me reading this! And it was rather interesting.

2. This article pulled the heartstrings a bit - many mothers may relate.

3. I got tears in my eyes at the part about the lady in the grocery aisle in this article, cos I've been there but thankfully I have experienced understanding and support which is WAY more helpful!!

4. So - have you found your soul mate? hehe - I only read these articles because it intrigues me as to what the writers claim to know that others may not PLUS deep down I'm kind of a soppy romantic and quite enjoy the lovey dovey soulmate stories/articles ;-)

5. I've made quite a few versions of apple crumple but not a pie - this post has spurred me on to give it a go. Now to decide whether I should get all MKR and make my own pastry or stick with the store-bought for now? ;-)

Have a splendid weekend friends!

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