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Hi folks!
You may remember me doing three different posts at the end of last year listing 15 things each day before the year 2015.

Well, Kellie of Give A Girl A Blog is keeping this up throughout this year as well. And I think it's a great idea.
She recently posted about 15 of her favourite blogs she likes to read/look at.

So I'm going with that too!

Keep in mind, this is just 15 of my favourite blogs - my blog list is quite a sizeable one so it's good I'm only listing 15 or else this could be going on forever! LOL!

So here we go...

1. Well, Kellie Winnell of course ;-) - Give A Girl a Blog - we just have some creative connection I can't explain...completely different styles but an utmost respect and adoration of her work. LOVE HER STAMPS she creates over at Kellie Stamps - check em out!!

2. Mel of One Crafty Mumma - a little bit of everything here and I LOVE that. She is probably my most greatest creative 'enabler'!! Many a crochet and crafty projects I have started (and still going - haha) because I read her blog! LOL! And she is an absolutely beautiful person - and I know this because I have actually met her!!

3. Elsie & Emma of A Beautiful Mess - awesome DIYs, great photography, yummy recipes, home interior and decor inspiration, and groovy creative projects to try...such variety. I love it!

4. Jodie - Polka Dot Creative ... such a beautiful, honest, inspiring and creative soul this one xx

5. The Jot blog! My most favourite creative magazine - love designing on this team!

6. Stephanie Bryan of Stephanie Makes - I am always in complete awe and totally inspired when I see her work. She creates the most gorgeous scrapbook pages, mini-books and such, ya just wanna jump right into your craft room and create!

7. Janelle of The Janelle Wind Collection - love seeing her stitching/quilting projects and snippets of her home and just glimpses into her life! She possesses such a lovely, kind, giving, and generous spirit and I am honoured to have her as a friend (even if we haven't met in real life yet...one day though!!)

8. Raquel Bowman of Cut.Paste.Repeat - I can't get enough of her work. She creates the most gorgeous, well designed layouts, I am always WOWED by everything she pumps out. And she has the most adorable two kids!

9. Maggie Holmes Design - okay I know, another scrapbooking/memory keeping blog but it's my thing so I just can't apologise ;-)
I adore everything about Maggie's products, her creativity, and her flair for beautiful, sparkly, vintage-meets-modern design.

10. Kelly Exeter of A Life Less Frantic - just the name alone draws me in...who wouldn't want a more simple, relaxed, less frantic life sometimes. I enjoy reading her very simple, encouraging posts that give honest, do-able suggestions on how to improve the way you do life and cope with its frantic-ness (yes I like to make up my own words! haha!).

11. Marc and Angel Hack Life - Practical tips for a productive life. I love productivity and this site is great for the kick up the butt I need sometimes in order to just get things done! And I'm just a sucker for these self-help kinda reads.

12. On that same note - I always end up at this blog, Becoming Minimalist. My husband said to me once, "You keep liking all these bods posts on Facebook but I'm just not seeing the fruits of what you are reading and liking!"...he keeps it real. No fluff and stuff from him - LOL!
I have a very strong desire to simplify, declutter by home but yes, it is a slow process for me unfortunately. This blog gives me the shove I need into keeping at it!

13. Ali Edwards - she is all about the story. We all have one to tell and are living our own story every day. i love how she lets us into her life. I love what she designs and shares with us to use in our own creative displays of our documented life stories.

14. A Piece of Cake Designs blog - I love the kits from here. And I am so honoured to currently be on the design team here. 

15. And every Monday, my mother updates her blog with what is happening around their home, what she is making or cooking etc. Aptly named Dot's Tidbits - great way to keep up with family far away!


So there you have it.
15 of my favourite blogs.

Now I shall leave you with a lovely quote...

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My mantra.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much Anna! xx
    Such a great list and I now have some new blogs to check out. There were a few of my favourites there though - Janelle's, Kellie's and I always read the Becoming Minimalist blog too.


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