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7:00 AM

Hello beautiful people!
Welcome to another week of...

1. For those smack bang in the middle of child-rearing - here is some advice from the Empty Nesters. The one that tugged my heart the most was...
"When your child hugs you, never be the first one to let go."

2. This humorous account about motherhood and the mum-petition is quite entertaining. 

3. This sounds like something I need but I definitely agree it would get mighty hard after the first week! Could also be a lot of fun though :-)

4. So...many people are asking -- "When did K-mart get trendy?" I could easily make-over my home with all their goodies!! 

5. The value of remembering everyday ordinary moments - some may think that the everyday banal moments that don't seem very important, relevant, or worth remembering/recording actually are more valuable for future reference than we think!

Enjoy your weekend!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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