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Hi there!
Hope you have all had a great week - and if not, I do hope that this week is better for you :-)
Either/Or here is this week's edition of...

1. One of my aims for this year is to be there more for my kids, not just in the physical sense but emotionally, heart to heart. I want them to know that my arms are open any time for them to fall into and find comfort, reassurance, strength and love.
THIS article sums things up quite well actually - I don't want to tear them down but build them up to be the women they were born to be.

2. How to Stage Your Home for Living - the title struck me as interesting and I just had to click it and read. The concept of creating your home so it's at its maximum liveability is something I am striving for. I'd like to pull into our driveway and walk into our home and just be able feel the room to breathe. No clutter, everything in it's place. 
Sounds like a dream hey!?! ;-)

3. I am going totally gah-gah over THIS new collection by Maggie Holmes!!
She does it EVERY time!!

4. Come across THIS via a link posted by Ali Edwards on Facebook. Thought it was something that could resonate with some of you too :-)

5. THIS video of Dax Sheppard on Ellen is hilarious as he re-counts the experience of the birth of his child via C-section!


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