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Welcome to the first Linky Loves post of 2015!!!

I figured that a new year deserves a new logo photo - so I would like to officially introduce you to the first official 2015 edition of...

1. Love this crochet pattern! I came across it via Mel Goodsell's blog One Crafty Mumma - she is going to start this as a 2015 project and I'm quite inclined to join her!!

2. Found THIS article very interesting. 
Mini habits allow you to succeed even on your worst day.
I like that!

3.I love this blog post for its honesty and rawness. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one to feel like this - I feel like I've always been striving for balance that it has developed into being quite a 'dirty' word! I think it comes down to the mini habits (touched on in the last link above) - just a few small steps could make a great difference!

4. Introvert OR Extrovert? I found this article quite interesting.

5. I received a gorgeous cushion as part of a Christmas gift from the lovely Janelle - she explains here how she made it! I absolutely LOVE it!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Yes, yes, you must join in :) No pressure or anything though, LOL. xx

    1. Just waiting on my yarn to arrive in the mail Mel ;-)


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