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1. So firstly, I'm gonna start with Five Things Parents Should Do In Front of Their Kids - now these points may be easy and obvious to some people but for others they could be a little more challenging. Eitherway, a good reminder :-)

2. One vital characteristic you should look for in a spouse but is often overlooked. Now... I'm happily married so not looking for a spouse but I found this article quite precious to read. I do wonder how many couples do consider in more depth what they are actually committing to when they say the words 'in sickness and in health'? I think this article was beautifully written :-)

3. How to stay motivated and achieve your goals - I am one that LOVES that sense of accomplishment. You wouldn't think that a simple TICK could give so much satisfaction but it does -- oh it SO does!

4. I found this article quite true and interesting about the pictures we hang on our walls. Since moving to this house earlier this year we have only managed to hang 2 pictures on our walls so far. Every time hubby suggests we get our pictures hung up, I hesitate and resist. I guess, my house is so full of clutter right now (it's a work in progress) that I feel reluctant to make a mark on our blank walls right now. It kind of makes me feel like there is more space amongst our mess. One day though...

5. And the new Jot team was announced for 2015!!

Enjoy your weekend! 
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