Hello Festive Season...

12:05 PM

How absurd does that sound!
Christmas is fast approaching and it feels like only last week I was getting ready for Christmas LAST year! LOL ;-)

With this season upon us, the world is abuzz with activity...gift buying, tree decorating, menu planning, holiday booking. People are online clicking away with online shopping or just getting Christmas ideas for the season.

I thought I would share a few Christmasy links/ideas that I have come across or that I think will be nice to share and useful for helping out as we approach the big day!

Stress. It happens. It has the potential to affect us everyday. But it seems to be quite prominent at these times of year when everything seems to be happening at once, people are everywhere, filling the aisles at EVERY shop, pushing and shoving, school concerts and end-of-year wrap-up, the roads are laden with extra traffic...let's face it -- it's jolly darn HECTIC! 
One of the tips in this article I have shared, is to Plan Ahead. This has been my friend this year, and last year for that matter but I think I have been even better this year. I have pretty much organised all gifts now which is a huge load off. I really dislike the last minute frenzy in the gift-giving area. I like to have it done and MAN it feels good!

Do you 'do' elf on the shelf. I think some of the 'tricks' that many people's Elf's get up to is quite clever :-)
Here are a few links to some Elf-on-the-Shelf ideas...
* Top 50 Elf-on-the-shelf ideas * (this one even has printables available at the end!)

We don't have the typical Elf but we have a girl doll of the same size that we call Elvira and she makes her way around the house doing different things. One day Elf might join her ;-)

** Gift Ideas **
I like the look of many of the gifts ideas put together by latestbuy.com.au --
(I want that camera lens travel mug for myself!!)

Also Kogan have some great gift idea links for whomever you are looking to buy for.

*** And for that EXTRA SPECIAL gift or if you want some stocking fillers or what-have-you check out THESE e-CATALOGUES! ***
I know these products are all great cos I have them and I've tried most of them (and I sell them of course!!) I am so excited about all the goodies on offer - I couldn't help but sign up!
Great deals, SUPER great rewards, and that little extra cash you need - especially for this time of year ;-)
I have got a couple of things out of the Christmas catalogue to put in my girls stockings which I know they'll think is super awesome! What kid doesn't like to have some blue or pink stripes in there hair!?! hehe ;-)
I've also got some extra bits covered for family gifts - there is something for everyone!!
Check it out!
And you can order straight from me and it will come to your door! Easy peasy!

This is me with Smoky Eyes and Pink Matte Lip Gloss lips! Was so fun to spruce up a bit considering I don't usually wear much lippy. Will do this again though when I feel the need to dress up abit ;-)
And of course, you are exposed to another of my kooky facial expressions ;-) LOL!!!

Well, my dear folks, I will try and get back sometime with some cute little handmade Christmas card ideas that are quick and easy. I just love them!!

Stay safe and don't stress!!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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