Busy Buzzy Busy Buzzy Me...

1:50 PM

Yep, I'm a busy bee!!
It's been rather hectic around here the last few weeks.
Mr Awesome has accepted a new job in town (YAY - we are gonna be townies now! hehe!)
I've been viewing rental properties and applying for various ones.
Long story short - we now HAVE ONE!
So we've started moving!

[thanks to the supermarket for the boxes!]
On the creative front - I have been plugging away with lots of scrapbooking. Much discussion and preparing has been going on amongst the Jot Team ready for Issue 2. It's gonna be AWESOME! As always of course ;-)
It has been interesting juggling packing and 'Jotting' and trying to maintain some normalcy in every day life at the moment but we'll get there. We definitely don't do things in halves we Allan's! LOL!
So if I'm not around here much in the next week or two, you know why.
I will, however, share this little project that I whipped up inspired by Kim over on the Jot blog - she got the idea from one site who got it from another site...
through Pinterest of course!
Pinterest is good like that hey!?!

Pretty and practical!
Can't go wrong :-)
And, seriously, they take like - less than 5 minutes to make. Totally easy.
So until next time (hopefully when there is no more boxes in my sight!)...
Keep Smiling.
Be Creative.
Love Life.
And take care :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Love that washi idea. Moving! Exciting but ew I hate packing. Good luck with it and congrats to hubby on new job! Hope you find time to be creative amongst the chaos :)

    1. Thanks Raquel! Yeah pretty dodgy time to be moving hey!?! LOL! I have managed some scrapbooking time so I don't get too bogged down with deadlines whilst shifting house!! Looking forward to being a 'townie' though! hehe!


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