Breaking the Silence...

12:10 AM

Long time no see hey!?!
There's been lots happening in my world, so much so that blogging became non-existent!
it's time to break the silence and get back on the blogging bandwagon.

I do plan on making some changes around here.
Some just a freshen up to bring a new lease of life around here.
Bear with me through the process, as it's not something that will happen overnight.

Meanwhile, I will be posting here as much I can.
I'll share the happenings in my everyday life: my creative endeavours, home life, everyday adventures, random thoughts and feelings, and share what I'm loving every week (whether it be from around the web or just from life in general). 

Is there anything specific you want to see me write about and share here?
Let me know in the comments or hit the email button in the sidebar and let me know that way! I'm always curious as to what my readers want to see or read more of.

I'll finish this post by including a brief 'about me' right now...

This is me.
Mid 30's.
Mother of 2 girls: Miss J and Little K.
Extroverted Introvert.
Crazy, chaotic, and quirky.
Lover of life.
I desire to live life well and to the full.

You can find me at these online platforms:

* INSTAGRAM > @annamayde

* PINTEREST > @annamayde

And of course I'm right here, hopefully much more regularly than I have been, from now on!


Until next time, keep living life and soaking up all the beauty around you.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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