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1. I actually really like the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but I cannot bring myself to create one for myself. This article is about creating a kids capsule - it's tempting. I've actually downsized my kids' clothes quite abit so I'm on a good roll with it :-)

2. My children are starting to experience the realms of rejection, especially my eldest now that she is in a more senior class at school. We have been working with them and helping them to understand that your views and ideas are not always going to be met with open arms but that it is your reactions that count. You can take it on board and let it fuel you forward with fresh fervour OR you can drop your lip and sulk about it. Positive VS Negative. It's our choice. 
Anyway, THIS ARTICLE popped up in my email and I thought it was quite on point with what we were dealing with lately :-)

3. This article speaks about the words that breathe life into our little girls (or any child - boy or girl really. It would be transferable and relevant for boys too.) 
The right words of affirmation we give to our kids is so important to the way they grow up viewing the world around them, the people in it, and themselves.

4. With a strong emphasis on minimalism, check out these 5 documentaries. I've seen the first one mentioned on Netflix which was quite interesting, keen to watch a few of the others.

5. I love learning a new word and I particularly like this one:
FLANERIE; - aimless idle behaviour
And this article is all about it!

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