JOT MOOD BOARD - May 2016...

4:19 PM

WOW! I am wayyyyy behind in my blogging so I'm catching up...

When I first saw this mood board, I was so excited about it.
I just love the dark, moody, mysterious and grungy feel to it.
Jot Girl, Sharmaine, made an awesome choice of colours and imagery!!
Take a look...

I had the perfect photo for this mood board. It was a photo that I wanted to create a page that would do it justice and I felt that this mood board was PERFECT for it!

Firstly, I was inspired by the colours; the darker blues and greens teamed with some white and greys.
I was also inspired by the rain effect in the top left image, the cloud in the frame, and the hanging apples in the table setting image on the bottom.

**I used gesso, green and blue paint, and washi tape to create the rain effect on my page.

**For the clouds, I used mini doilies folded in half.

**I drew lines with a fine Sharpie pen and added enamel dots on the end of them to replicate the hanging look.

In the early stages of this layout, I had a twinge of doubt about it but with this sort of layout, where you're getting a tad messy, it looks bad before it looks good so you must push on with it. So I did - and I'm really liking this page.
So totally in love with that photo of my girl - it's so moody and dark but in a good way.

You can check out more inspiration from the Jot girls HERE for this mood board.
Won't be long and the June mood board is released BUT before that -- A NEW ISSUE OF JOT MAGAZINE!! So stay tuned....

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. ♡ Winter days. Perfect combination. Moody and mysterious!


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