7:00 AM

Hello there!
Let's jump right in and check out some...

1.  A simple life can lead to happier children - here's how!
I am currently executing point number 1 at present in my home. I do believe my kids are overstimulated with too many toys and trinkets. Time to declutter and simplify - which has always been my aim and desire, however sometimes we drop the ball and things get a little out of hand. Time to bring things back in line!

2. Have a go at some DIY Marble Stationery :-)

3. I'm on a mission to eat more veggies - came across THIS RECIPE which looks yummy and sounds easy!

4. I signed up to DoTerra Essential Oils this week! I've been wanting to do it for a while as I love using my oils. I loved THIS article by Jodie on her blog this week.

5. A weekly CourageBomb - I've signed up, why don't you :-)

Have a great weekend.
Stay safe.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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