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Here we are with another week of...

2. There are many articles and blog posts on the web and in other publications that touch on the subject of busyness and how we are addicted to being busy. This article, How Busyness Crushes Your Soul, is another one of these but I wanted to share it as I always feel challenged by these topics and agree wholeheartedly that we as individuals and as a society, are taking on too much and creating an unrealistic 'need' for busyness.

3. Tissues are imperative for this video. I just wanted to share an interview that Heidi Swapp did about how memories can help heal.
In the end, it is our memories that keep going; our stories live on!

4. I'm going to print this off and keep in my journal to remind me regularly to remind my girls of these things. Teach them while they're young they say :-)

5. Being a new year, here are some goals to set that are more about enjoying what you have rather than chasing what you don't!
All the points were brilliant but point 4, 6, and 7 made quite an impression on me!

Have a safe and blessed weekend!
Keep smiling!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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