December Daily - days 10-15...

11:34 PM

I'm nearly there!!
I've got all the photos printed and the kit is sitting there ready for me to get the pages done - I've just got to find the precious moments of time to DO it. It comes together rather quickly once I'm in the studio and get started. Lately it has just been TOO HOT to venture out to the studio - it's like a sauna in there!!

I do have days 10 through to 15 to show you!

Day 10

This page shows photos of the decorations in the boulevard shopping centre - Miss J was adamant that I take a photo of them, not that she needed to twist my arm or anything ;-)
and the other photo is of two lovely ladies that I met while at the park with my kids. They were rather a blessing actually and I came away feeling lighter and happier!
Creatively, I didn't really do much - some washi tape here and some washi tape there. And I used the stamp set by Kellie Stamps from the Polka Dot Creative kit I am using - yes, you can turn the HO HO HO stamp around and it becomes OH OH OH!
So I've gotta abit of OH OH OH and abit of HO HO HO in celebrating Christmas being everywhere we go ;-) LOL!!
Gotta love versatility hey!?!

Days 11 & 12

These two days were on one page. 
Day 11 was a photo of me reading a Christmas book to the girls before bed. I have a small pile (which is slowly growing) of books dedicated to Christmas and I pull them out every year. The girls were very keen to hear them! Love snuggling on the couch with my girls (if its not too hot being summer here in Australia and all) and spending this quality time with them!
Day 12 is a card I made using a 6x4" grid card. I used a gold paint dauber to create the strokes as a background, cut a triangle shape for a tree and stuck that on. Using the polka dot vellum in the kit, I laid that over the top and sewed around the edge. I used some hessian and a printed Christmas saying for a heading banner and stapled it on. The photo was of the big red bow on our front door that greets anyone who comes to our home.

Days 13, 14 & 15

Day 13 we had a bbq tea at hubby's work. And after that, we all hopped in the car after quickly packing it with our stuff, and started our journey over to my man's parents place. The kids slept (those dark little circles at the bottom of the page are them fast asleep in their carseats!) - we arrived there at 4:24am!!
Oh and I used some cherry flair from A Piece of Cake Designs (not the ones in the kit) - I bought from the November new release sale.
We managed a few hours sleep, had some breakfast, and the day was heating up so we headed for the beach!
I just LOVE beach photos - the light is always so great and they come out so fresh and fun!

The rest of the day was about family time and preparing for my mother in law's 60th birthday party!
The banner in the large cake photo was created using a strip of Kraft cardstock and cutting a wedge out of the bottom to create the banner shape. I punched a circle out of the top, stapled onto the page insert over the photo. I popped a birthday themed flair badge from The Greatest View on Etsy in the circle and that was that!

Over the page, I journalled onto the page insert I had used. I stuck on the end of a photo I had trimmed earlier of the beach and stamped the dates on it with Archival ink. I drew a border around it and arrows to each point I outlined for the days.
Day 15 was time to travel home. It was over 40 degrees celsius the whole way home. We stopped half way for a rest. The girls seemed to handle the heat and wanted to play but it was just too HOT - we ate lunch in the car!!.
Can you tell that I like writing onto my photos and creating borders with my AC Precision Pens!?! LOL!

When we rolled into town, we went straight to the beach and headed to the water to cool down - CLOTHES AND ALL!!
The air was starting to cool and it was just a lovely evening.
This time I've used Amy Tangerine stamps on my photos - 'oh YES' from a Studio Calico PL kit and 'so so good' from a roller phrase stamp I bought from my local scrapbook store.

My book is getting rather thick but I think it should all still fit once I'm done. I love bulging books, it just means there's heaps to enjoy!!! hehehe

Bye for now. 
Take care.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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