Jot Mood Board Challenge #2...

8:50 PM

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I am thoroughly enjoying these challenges.
I was pretty darn excited when I heard about the creation of Jot Magazine but I can safely say that I am even more excited and thankful for Jot Magazine because it has GOT ME SCRAPBOOKING AGAIN!!!
Yay! :-)
This layout was a little more challenging for me than the first one. I picked and poked around my stash and came up with bips and bops, chose me paper, got an idea of a layout BUT took me ages to pick out the right photo for it! The first time I had a very clear idea straight up but hey! that's what these challenges are all about - to challenge you, make you think harder! I love it!!
Here it all is.

 And the end result again...
 It was rather hard photographing this page. It was just before sundown so the light wasn't really great outside and the colours don't really show as true as they are in real life. The doily trim is actually more cream and the cardstock is a warm chocolate-y brown (it looks kinda purple-ish in the photos but it's not!).
Anyway, you get the idea.
It's all fun and I like it :-)
Wonder what they're gonna come up with next!?!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. BEAUTIFUL work again Anna. And yes, this one was a bit more challenging wasn't it! I struggled a bit as well. Thank you for entering the challenge!!!


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