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2:37 PM

Hi there All!
Yes, it seems I have been on abit of a blogging break.
There is a reason for it but I'm not going to go into all that today.
Not sure I am ready to yet anyway as I am still kind of going the through 'the phase' and not really sure how to put it into words just yet.
Anyway, it's been hard to find time or the energy to sit down at my computer and put together a blog post. Too much brainpower required for me at this point in time. But I'm getting there.
I was browsing through my photos and came across some piccies of something that hubby - err, I mean, Mr Awesome! - built over Easter and I wanted to share with you.
Since bringing all the 'stuff' from our container back over to here from Tassie, Mr Awesome has had his tools PLUS acquiring some of his Pop's tools - so he was able to start putting some of his ideas into action. Happy place right there!!
He had been wanting to make a seat for our porch.
So with some Jarrah timber posts and an old pallet...he created this --

It still needs a sand and an oil. We had hubby's parents here over Easter so we were keen to use it for eating outside - in style! ;-)
Megsy likes it.
And no bench is complete without a bit of crochet goodness!
A job well done I say Mr Awesome!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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