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I am joining in with Janelle Wind's Thrifty Thursday tradition with a post of my own about some fab finds I came across at my local op-shop.
I don't get to visit the op shops around here as often as I would like due to distance issues. My 'very' local op shop is 40 mins away which is good but I still haven't had a THOROUGH look around that shop because as soon as I step in there, the kids decide AT THAT MOMENT to get stroppy and difficult!! Isn't that the way it goes? [sigh]
I did manage to snavel these goodies up last time I visited my 'very' local op shop...
 ^I am sooo excited about this purchase. I remember having something similar to this in different colouring in our household as a kid and have always in the back on my mind thought I wouldn't mind one. So when I turned the corner into another section of my 'very' local op shop, it was like a beacon of light shining down on this wondrous piece of furniture and I just HAD to take it home. And for $5, I DEFINITELY wasn't leaving it behind - thank you very much!!
I am thinking I might recover the seat with a patchy vintagy fabric cover just to add abit more zing to it. Whatta ya think?
And it's always nice to find some of these in the store ready for you to pop into the shopping basket and make your own. A vintage sheet and a purple single doona cover - all for $1.50 each! Don't know if I will use these as their original purpose or re-purpose them? Now I'm looking at it, that sheet might look good as part of the seat cover for the above shown item! What do you call that thing? I'm just gonna call it my 'nooky seat' cos it IS a seat none-the-less and it will be placed in a little nook where I can go and sit with my cuppa tea and look out the window dreaming and pondering about all the weird and wonderful things that roam my mind on a daily basis!

Well, that's my show of thrifty-ness for this week. Might have more next week. Ya never know!!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. WOW what fantastic finds at your 'local' op shop. I love the little seat/nook seat, it is gorgeous. I think that top vintage fabric would look gorgeous on it too. Yay for exciting thrifting weeks xx Janelle

  2. Great finds Anna, especially the sweet seat. Love it.


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