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And it seems it is a more 'husband friendly' shopping option in that you don't seem to get the normal roll of the eyes or wary look as to how much you are going to spend cos he knows that it is bargain shopping. I could come out with a bag full of stuff and only have paid $20!!
I thought that I would share some of my op-shop finds of late. The photos aren't really good so I apologise for that but you get the idea.
A Jacqui E vest. I really like having these in my wardrobe stash as they are often something that I can put over a certain top just to add that extra 'pop' to the outfit!!
A couple of skirts!
I haven't ever been a dress wearer in the past but I am slowly getting into more of a dress phase. I was very keen on this particular visit to the op-shop to find a couple of nice dresses for my fashion stash! And I found 3!
This black on white print dress is probably my fave of the the 3 (and my husband's as well!!!)
I don't usually wear pink either but since having daughters, I have opened up to the idea more!! Loving this cute pink number that I can just pull on and it sits really nice! Liking the whole elastic waist/under chest area setup in clothing at the moment!
Something a little more snazzy that needs a little 'tweaking' to sit correctly on the top for me (tighten the elastic-ey bit at back) but otherwise another pleaser for the hubby so a big win for me in my opinion!
I have plenty of other op-shop finds that I will share later.
Keep ya in suspense for a little bit, hey?!!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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