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10:27 AM

I am starting to get quite a collection of fabric in my craft supplies. The majority of these fabrics all have a project in store for their use. Let me explain...^ I absolutely LOVE this Matryoshka doll fabric. I have a real liking for Russian and Matryoshka dolls. I was planning to make little Sprout a skirt out of this one.
^ At Spotlight, I had a peak through all their new fabrics in stock and fell in love with these three. I plan to use these when making up the fabric storage boxes out of Janelle Wind's 'Pieces of Me' book.

^ I must confess that these gorgeous girly fabrics have not actually got a particular project to be used in but they were marked down 'on special' for $2.50 a metre each. How could I resist?
I can assure you that they will most likely be used in something for little Sprout!

^ A collection of purple and green for which I plan to use some of these (when I can decide which ones) for the stationery folder designed by Melissa Goodsell of One Crafty Mumma blog that I have mentioned before. Loving them!

^ I got these in the mail the other day from an Etsy fabric shop. I eventually want to make Jarrah a nightie for when summer comes around again and I was hoping to use the owl fabric in it somewhere! I also have a thing for owls at the moment too if you hadn't noticed!
Well there is all my plans...let's see how soon I get them done! I'll keep you posted with any progress.
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