September Sort It...

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Simple. Minimalist. Routine. Organised.
We have all heard these words in regards to LIVING and the kind of ideal life we would like to live. Many would aspire to create a life that any or all of these words could describe.
I know I do.
Every day I wake up and live and work in a house that is not organised the way I want it. Since moving into this place back in February, I have managed to clean and tidy many things and areas, only to have it trashed again. Then I am back to the beginning. I am finding it hard to get this house to a place of full functionality, the way I want it.
So I can truly call it HOME!
I have learnt that I get things done better with a goal, a list and ACCOUNTABILITY!
Generally, if I write on my blog here that I want or I AM going to do something, I feel more 'pressured' (for want of a better word) to do it! And most of the time, I get it done. If I don't, then I feel like I've let my readers down in a way. So...all you lovely readers out there - YOU help me. YOU keep me accountable.
When I read a post on the lovely Tamar's blog, that she was embarking on a SEPTEMBER SORT IT endeavour, I jumped right in!!!
She, and many others who are joining in, have created a list of 30 things to do in September with the idea of getting ourselves SORTED! Soooo what I need right now.
And the fact that it involves a GOAL, a LIST, and a group of people to keep me ACCOUNTABLE, I am figuring this could be the perfect solution for me in getting this house the way I want it.
I'm hoping!
So here is MY list of 30 things to get sorted!

September sort it

1. Clean out pantry cupboard.
2. Sort Tupperware container shelf in cupboard.
3. Sort through recipe drawer. Place recipes in a folder in a more organised fashion.
4. Read up on Clean Eating & Paleo some more. Purchase books.
5. Tidy Linen cupboard.
6. Go through medicine box - store more safely and organise better.
7. Clean & Organise the bathroom cabinet and shelves.
8. Empty boxes on girls shelves in their room & display toys on expedit shelves.
9. Purchase spice racks from IKEA for kids bedroom book display and also bathroom storage.
10. Sort through mess on my bedside table and make it tidy.
11. Clean up office desk.
12. Sort through clothes - keep, donate, re-purpose, pass-on...
13. Sort out jewellery and display on jewellery hangers.
14. Scrub laundry sink. Wipe down and tidy laundry shelves.
15. Give the caravan a spring clean.
16. Design our vegetable garden (need to discuss with Mr Awesome).
17. Plant herb garden.
18. Frame and hang up artwork/prints/photos.
19. Write out Christmas Gift List. Try and purchase/make at least one thing on the list.
20. Finances - create a monthly budget system.
21. Research (and purchase) diary for the New Year.
22. Develop a planner folder for my blog.
23. Create and launch new Facebook page for a new little endeavour of mine (Wait & see - it's a surprise!!)
24. Go through magazines - donate what I don't want OR use in craft/journals OR just chuck. Rip out and file pages of interest.
25. Complete old journal.
26. Set up Project Life for 2013. (I have albums and pages - work out what other pages and stuff I want/need and purchase.)
27. Create spaces on studio shelves for my Blythe dolls.
28. Make curtains for shelf unit in my studio.
29. Purchase spools for cotton storage.
30. Sort out yarn and do some more crochet!

My list looks pretty intense but it is all stuff I need to get done. Realistic timeline? I am hoping so. I am determined to get it all done. And if not, I will plug away into October until it's all completed!!

You can find Tamar's list and the links to other people's lists who are joining in HERE.

And in the spirit of 'Keeping It Real', I will show you some photos of my 'messes' just to demonstrate the need for a good Sort Out!
{ My Bedside }
{ Linen Cupboard / Recipe Drawer / Pantry }
{ Tupperware Shelf / Girls Bedroom / Medicine Box }

Here's to September Sort It!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. I love Tamars idea... good luck with getting your house sorted! BTW... lucky you, living in Esperance... such a gorgeous spot!

  2. Hi Anna - what a fabulous list!!! I am interested in #9 - IKEA spice rack purchase for kids bedroom book display and for bathroom storage (hope you will share!)
    Like the idea of the "before" photos.
    Good luck - I will be cheering and "checking up" - hope you will do the same for me!

  3. HI, good luck with your list, heres for hoping we all complete it :)

  4. I am in too....the writing down the list and putting it out there is a way of guilting myself into the here's to a very productive month for all. x

  5. Great list! Love that you took before pictures. I'm going to do that too so that I see the remarkable improvement. Here's to a great month of getting sorted!!

  6. Great list and love the before photos - Im plannning to share those during the month :)

    I am with you on lists and accountability when writing it on your blog - I work best if I put my challenges out into the interwebs and get more done in the process!

  7. Thanks for the photos! I'll think about showing mine....I'm scared!


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